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Update : April 27, 2016

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Multilingual Electronic Newsletter "Kagoshima Southern Wind Tidings"

A monthly multilingual electronic newsletter on the latest news, travel information, and international exchange initiatives about Kagoshima (available in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean).

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Application Procedure

Kindly send your particulars (see below) to the following email s-wind@pref.kagoshima.lg.jp


1 Subject Title: “Application for Electronic Newsletter”

2 Particulars:

(1) Country of residence

(2) Occupation

(3) Full name

(4) Language of choice (multiple selection accepted)

(5) Email address



Kagoshima Southern Wind Tidings - Application Form(PDF:94KB)

  Personal information will not be used for any other purposes besides the mail magazine.


  Current and past issues can be viewed here.