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Update : February 5, 2019

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Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork ~ A Deliciousness ought to be Savored by Everyone in the World

Lip-Smacking Flavor

Kagoshima is a leading livestock producing prefecture in Japan. It is also the largest pork producer in Japan, accounting for 14.2% of all the pigs produced in the country (as of 1 Feb 2013). The Kagoshima Kurobuta pork (Berkshire) is highly regarded by consumers for its superior quality.

Origins of the Kagoshima Kurobuta

The roots of the Kagoshima Kurobuta pork date back to about 400 years ago, when the Berkshire swine was first introduced to Kagoshima via the Ryukyu Islands (present day Okinawa). Thereafter, pig farming gradually became widespread throughout the prefecture and subsequently became part of the local culture. Since the Meiji Period (late 19th century), continual efforts have been made to improve the quality of the Kurobuta pork, which led to present examples of highly acclaimed breeds such as the “Satsuma”, “New Satsuma”, “Satsuma Ni-Rei-Rei-Ichi”, etc., known for their excellent meat quality.

Characteristics of the Kagoshima Kurobuta

The Kagoshima Kurobuta pig has black hair throughout its body and six white markings, namely on its four limbs, nose and tail. Compared with other types of pork, the fat of the Kagoshima Kurobuta pork has a higher melting point, and is thus non-sticky and has a light, crisp flavor. Having fine muscle fiber and rich in amino acids, the Kagoshima Kurobuta pork, touted as “soft, tender and tasty”, is highly regarded throughout Japan and is also the pride of Kagoshima Prefecture.

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Small Medium Sized Livestock Section, Livestock Division, Agriculture Department, Kagoshima Prefectural Government (Kagoshima Kurobuta Producers’ Convention Association Office)

10-1 Kamoike-shinmachi, Kagoshima City, Japan 890-8577 099-286-3224
Swine Breeding Laboratory, Small Medium Livestock Department, Kagoshima Prefectural Institute for Agricultural Development Livestock Experiment Station 2440 Uenodan Kokubu, Kirishima City 0995-48-2188
Kagoshima Pig Species Improvement Association 2495 Shiikizako Uenodan Kokubu Kirishima City 0995-48-2715

Livestock Division, TEL: 099-286-3224