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Update : February 5, 2019

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Kagoshima Kuroushi Beef ~ A World Class Brand


Exceptional Taste

Kagoshima is a leading livestock producing prefecture in Japan. It is also the largest producer of the Japanese Black Cattle (Kuroge Wagyu), which is famous for its superior meat quality. The prefecture accounts for 18.8% of all black cattle produced in Japan (as of 1 February 2013).

The branded “Kagoshima Kuroushi” black cattle are raised all over the prefecture, with the largest concentration of cattle farms in the cities of Kanoya, Soo, Ibusuki, etc. The Kagoshima Kuroushi beef is highly regarded for its exceptional taste.

Associated Facilities


With increasing competition from both domestic and international suppliers, the Kagoshima Prefectural Livestock laboratories are conducting all kinds of research to provide affordable, delicious and safe beef for consumers. With an aim to provide safe meat and establish environmentally-friendly farms, the laboratories are developing technologies to increase productivity, improve the quality of the livestock while maintaining environmental standards.

In addition, the Kagoshima Prefectural Cattle Breeding Development Institute was established in 1994 as Japan’s first facility conducting bio-technical research aimed at improving beef at the genetic level, through various methods such as embryo transfer and cloning. Superior bulls have been produced, increasing the quality of the breeding stock.

Further enquiries

Contacts for Purchasing and Enquiries Address


Beef Cattle & Dairy Section, Livestock Division, Kagoshima Prefecture 10-1 Kamoike-shinmachi, Kagoshima City, Japan 890-8577 099-286-3221
Beef Cattle Laboratory, Livestock Department, Kagoshima Prefectural Institute for Agricultural Development Livestock Experiment Station 2440 Uenodan Kokubu, Kirishima City 0995-48-2185
Kagoshima Prefectural Cattle Breeding Development Institute 2200 Tsukino Osumi-cho, Soo City 099-482-5252

Livestock Division, TEL: 099-286-3221